Hi, My Name is Monika and I am a Health Coach and Wellness Chef and I am passionate about helping women to achieve their optimum health and be the best version of themselves through powerful habits. I help women who are thinking about a career change or would love to rediscover their passion in current work to achieve new energy levels they never knew they had. I deeply believe that everyone deserves life full of energy, joy and good health. I would be delighted if I can help you and inspire you to make small changes which will lead to great outcomes. I invite you to join my Facebook Tribe and Newsletter for tips and support. Let’s empower your life together.

Empowered Health

What it means to live Empowered Healthy Life? It may sound scary but in reality it can be as simple and as complex as you want to. Having a Coach who can support and navigate you through complex nutritional advice, endless choices and suggest small changes is invaluable. Coaching is about having an accountability partner who can support you through specifically designed program to achieve the best version of yourself.


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Oh so Powerful Kimchi!

Probably you know or have heard that we should eat fermented food on a daily basis. You do not need to eat a lot but what you need to make sure that you have the best quality possible. A lot of fermented food has been pasteurised to prolong shelf life but sadly they...

Gut Healing Broth

There is currently a lot of evidence and research that the condition of our gut has direct influence on our health. Our gut contains 100 million neurons more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, which is the nervous system outside our brain...

How to prepare the powerful Vision Board!

Vision Boards can be powerful tools in defining your goals and future life, career, salary and anything else. They can define the path to your new house, new job, dream holidays or simply can show your goals for the whole year. When I was stuck between my current life...

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